Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Run as fast as lightning...

Run, now, don't walk, don't take one more bite... the new W magazine is out and it is THICK and still only $5 in the US: CHRISTINA RICCI has a big article in it with frameable photos... I may have to buy a second copy to take apart the pages and frame some in a gorgeous collage. She's the best version of a flapper girl that's come around in several years. The whole issue is great, showing off the new dark, mod fashions for Fall and Winter 2007.

One of the things she says in the article is that she's not allowed to buy any more fur... hmm, I hope that means not keeping any of it and wearing it because this cover is the only part of this issue that disappoints me. People have to stop promoting fur and leather as glamorous.

They've also got to do something about allowing Naomi into a photo shoot wearing a bikini without getting waxed first...(pg. 515). At least there are solutions to the unsightly other fur. Of course, maybe no one will dare to get near her after she's assaulted all of her help.

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