Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael Jackson's accident during the Pepsi shoot revealed

Unearthed graphic video (you've been warned) of the pyrotechnics injuring the 25-year old Michael Jackson while shooting a Pepsi commercial.

I have a theory as to why Jackson must have not felt the burning flames until the stage crew started to put it out: the alcohol in the hair product he used burned off initially before the flames scorched his scalp and face. The look on his face as he is picked up off the floor and escorted out is of shock from the pain. But I think he smelled the burning by the time he hits the main stage where he begins singing because he begins to take off his jacket, which he didn't do in the first take. He may have thought his clothes caught fire. It is quite obvious that safety precautions were not taken such as wearing non-flammable products and having a Michael Jackson stunt double first rehearse it several times to test the timing of the pyrotechnics before using pyrotechnics with the real Michael Jackson. The recovery from 2nd and 3rd degree burns is not always smooth; a risk of infection is always possible and the scarring can still cause pain to the touch while it is healing. The unfortunate fact is that he may never had become addicted to pain killers if this preventable accident had not occurred.

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