Friday, August 18, 2006

Osment did NOT see the mailbox

Here we go, Haley Joel Osment hit a mailbox and now everyone will be joking that he can see dead people but he cannot see a mailbox. I bet it will end up on one of those More of Best Celebrity Ooops! (an extra "o" for extra oops) on VH1 or E!. The DUI and possession charges are not going to sit right with all of those insurance companies that have to insure his future film productions. We can see he's already better at the whole "being arrested" process than some of his other peers in the movie world. However he probably should be ashamed that he was caught driving a '95 Saturn. I have not found a mugshot of him. I can't imagine that he had as good a time as Joshua Jackson had in his photo moment.

Of course, Wednesday hopes he can recover from his injuries in time to film a remake of "The Late Great Me! Story of a Teenage Alcoholic" which was an award-winning After School special back in 1979. This should be a part of his community service (as opposed to jail). The story should be updated to include use of cell phones, the Internet, MySpace, laser pointers, cars with DVD players, and updated snacks! Life was sure less exciting when people got wasted in '79, huh?

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