Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Powerpuff Girls Special to air January 19

Set your TV tuners to January 19 for when "The Powerpuff Girls Rule" will air on The Cartoon Network. The one hour show will focus on Mojo Jojo, portrayed by Roger Jackson. Mojo Jojo sings two songs. One of the songs is "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," originally by Tears for Fears. Tom Kenny, whom plays The Mayor and the narrator among other voices on the 10-year old show, attended the premiere event that took place in Los Angeles. He said that Mojo Jojo stole the show, that when Mojo sang "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", it brought down the house.

UPDATE: Here's the full article about the broadcast and marathon of episodes preceding the special airing.

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Roger Jackson's Robot Chicken episodes

Here are two of the three Robot Chicken episodes that star Roger Jackson

Friday, January 02, 2009

Robot Chicken's tribute to Star Wars #2

Adult Swim recently aired Robot Chicken's 2nd Star Wars tribute episode. I commented after the 1st episode aired in the Adult Swim Robot Chicken forum that the part of Star Wars I wanted to see satired in a Robot Chicken special was the scene where they are being taken to dinner by Lando Calrissian and they are surprised with seeing Darth Vader waiting for them. Here's the way they did it:

And here are two other Robot Chicken funny segments: