Saturday, September 20, 2008

From Inside screens during Dead Channel's Festival of Fantastic Film

From Inside, the movie is playing at the Dead Channels Film Festival in San Francisco on Oct. 3 and Oct. 5!! John Bergin spent thousands of hours inking, painting and numbering the limited edition graphic novel and dedicated even more tedious hours animating it into a 71 minute film. The story of From Inside follows a pregnant woman on a train after a terribly destructive world event. Its tragic, sad and inspires haunting contemplation with unforgettable scenes of bleak landscapes and death. Dead Channels week-long festival begins October 2 and ends October 10 and will show films in San Francisco and in Oakland, CA. The film Latchkey's Lament screens with From Inside and is not a light-hearted screen 'toon about inanimate objects, rather a lively dark tale bounding with the struggle to survive and the quest for vengeance. The big screen is well-justified for both films, well-paired for fans of intricate animation and gloomy Sci-fi stories.