Thursday, September 16, 2010

Deep Dimension: A Retrospective of Select Works By Winston Smith

Winston Smith's retrospective has opened (on September 15) and is the most thrilling collage art collection happening at the Robert Berman/E6 Gallery in San Francisco. Smith's collection dates from 1977-present, covering a stirring range of dystopian thoughts foreshadowing human mortality, financial doom, family dinner table horrors; menacing, cuddly bunnies scaling skyscrapers, and the ruinous lives of maniacal leaders. One can also find Dead Kennedys album art and illustrations created for Playboy among the 100 notable pieces at E6 for the next month.

Attending the opening reception was musician Neil Young, who bought two of Winston's favorite pieces, "The Lady and the Tyger" and "Ship of Fools/Neanderthals Attacking the Constitution." Winston's reaction was, "I'm so glad those pieces found a good home!"

The packed room held an assorted crowd of skateboard enthusiasts, fellow artists, authors, musicians, filmmakers, and photographers; well-dressed folks in 1940s-era fashion were right at home standing next to Winston wearing his trademark black fedora. Other associates of Winston's in attendance were Ted Falconi from Flipper, Klaus Flouride from Dead Kennedys, Lou Gwerder from The VKTMS, and V.Vale and Marian Wallace from Search & Destroy (RE/Search Publications and The Counter Culture Hour).

In late October-early November, Winston will be in Tokyo for the first time for a showing of his work. He muses that he may just get over the jetlag when it will be time to leave and adds, "I just hope they don't try to make us eat ice cream with chopsticks."

Deep Dimension: A Retrospective of Select Works By Winston Smith runs Sept. 15-Oct. 14, 2010 at Robert Berman/E6 Gallery, 1632 Market St B, San Francisco, 94102

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Listen to True Blood Season 3 finale


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