Monday, May 13, 2013

Recipes from the TV Series "Hannibal"

Spoiler Alert: If you are up-to-date on the TV Series, "Hannibal" then you will know what to expect in these recipes on a blog created by food stylist for "Hannibal", Janice Poon. Once you have had your fill, take a look at the blog, "Setting the Table" about various aspects that involve creating the series. Unfortunately, at this writing, there is no information provided if the series will be renewed for a 2nd season, but I certainly hope that it will.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Support Emily the Strange Kickstarter Today!

Wednesday's Korner is a supporter of the Emily the Strange Kickstarter: "FIRST EVER EMILY THE STRANGE ANIMATED ROCK-N-ROLL SINGLE".  Fans of animation and of Emily the Strange are being called upon to "Make Emily and the Strangers a REAL BAND, and spread her empowering message, by animating her first hit record!"  If you've ever had a lot of struggles with getting to Comic-Con, there's a pledge at the tippy-top tier that includes the Comic-Con pass, flight and hotel plus a co-executive producer credit on animation as well as hanging out with the artist Robert Reger. However some of the middle-to-lower tier pledge levels offer excellent swag including signed and numbered limited edition prints, t-shirts, flash drives, animation and music downloads as well as the advanced screening pass. It ends May 11, so don't hesitate to pledge today!