Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coast to Coast AM Predictions airing 12/30 and 12/31/2009

Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM airs the predictions shows over the next two nights. Here is 2009's list of predictions with some evidence that points to what almost came true and what did come true. Use the comments feature of this blog (screened for spam) to list your predictions if you don't get through to Art on the phone. Do you see any that you can prove that came true in 2009 below? If so, please enter links in the URL to show us all!:

Predictions for 2009

1. Alien spacecraft will land in Memphis TN (at airport area for landing on a special platform)
2. Nuclear device detonates in the US
3. Prince William will succeed Queen Elizabeth and take the throne (Eric from Alabama) [in actuality, there are rumors William is being groomed as the Shadow King as of Dec. 2009]
4. Dennis Kucinich is going to be hypnotized by Bud Hopkins to see what happened when he lost time
5. Major earthquake in a west coast city (Eric in L.A.)
6. US and Canada moving towards Communism. (Angela from British Columbia)
7. The economy will flounder and there will be a depression; marshall law declared in some cities (Rick in Arkansas)
8. an increasingly harsh winter; food shortages in the springtime (Brian in Portland, OR)
9. nuclear device goes off in the Saudi oil fields (Jason from Fallon, NV)
10. Obama honeymoon over by October (from Boston, MA)
11. Solid proof that Bigfoot exists (Patrick from Cleveland)
12. Coast to Coast fans are gonna form an insomniacs club (Bill from Toronto)
13. Year of the homicide - record number of homicides (Keith in Hamilton, ONT) - Not a fact in actuality
14. Commercial real estate sector is next to be hit (Mark in Oregon) - This is true
15. food and energy rise 12-15% and there will be price fixing by the govt.; food shortages (John from Chicago) - NOT true

16. Obama will nationalize electric power companies (from caller named Serge)
17. Sept. 15 2009 - nationwide pandemic possible global pandemic (David in Pueblo)
18. flooding for the south - This came true
19. discovery of life outside the solar system; through NASA spacecraft sent in Spring or by SETI (Tom from Salem OR)
20. govt. confiscates all gold and precious metals like in the 20s and 30s.
21. moon will be brighter because it is closer
22. the rapture - those that are deemed ready to go at the Rapture and the dead considered saints will be resurrected, we'll have a nuclear conflict on the earth and UFO contact; Sept.
23. Chrysler and GM will merge by Oct. (Joe in Corpus Christi) - not true
24. 1st dog will be a cocker spaniel - not true
25. all the forests in the Pacific Northwest will die
26. unions go under by March
27. sports will go up in smoke; due to low sales and no sponsorship
28. Russia will show its military might - this did surface as a real story here and here
29. intention experiment returns
30. earthquake around Orange County
31. tire accident with someone high profile
32. the year of full disclosure by the US on UFOs and Obama will be the disclosure president
33. Glendale AZ a bloodbath on the border before the end of April 2009; INS will be involved - the catalyst that will make the US gov
34. transportation interruption due to a catastrophic event and food supply will be in high demand
35. tsunami from a undersea geological eruption off the coast of Australia; not surprising after it occurs in looking back on it
36. global leaders design one global wage and one global currency
37. july 24 we'll see world peace
38. North America union declared this year
39. currency combining Canada, US and Mexico; the Amero
40. American Hotel company will have a fire; high loss of life and a couple of miracle rescues; through some miracle the people thought to be dead actually make it out
41. blimp crash
42. US govt will be overthrown
43. George Noory gets married in 2009
44. Rain gauge at the airport will read 8/10 of inch at least 5 times in Phoenix (Alden from Phoenix).
45. investigations into artificial manipulation of oil prices
46. auto production cut in half because of the unemployment (Chris in Detroit)
47. we're going to see changes in the GAT and NAFTA agreement; level the playing field (Rich in Las Vegas)
48. Obama is going to play a major part in bringing peace to the Middle East with the connection to Islamic Mujahadeen, the guy with the blue turban (Angela in Southwest desert)
49. first time America is not going to stand with Israel; [the Obama administration] will turn their back on Israel (Julie from Kansas)
50. All the paper currency of the world will be rendered useless; Marshall Law declared in US to secure food and fuel supplies and dispersion of military -- instant enlistment (East of the Rockies caller unamed)
51. A major terrorist event much like 9/11 in England or Western Europe area; President Obama will rally a coalition to attack the country responsible; he'll be the hero in retaliation; the people who were behind helping him come to power will be actually have orchestrated it (East Tennessee caller)
52. sometime in midsummer when it appears we're going into hyperinflation and instead we'll go into serious deflation, back to 1967 levels, but we'll come out stronger for it; it will be rapid -- take 3 mos. to roll back (Stu in Phoenix)
53. In February some cluster of meteors will hit the planet like hail stones on the ground (Tommy from Aurora)
54. US breaks up into regional countries; Atlanta as the capitol; redo of the old south without VA, FL, and TX (Jim from Guntersville, AL)
55. Hoover Dam breaks due to earthquake; Lake Mead will come rushing down CO river and fill the Salton Sea; there'll be a snowmelt (Jim from Twentynine Palms)
56. "the beginning of the end of the Mayan calendar" The events from the Mayan Calendar will be surfacing and a scholar will be understanding it; reading it and forecasting events before they occur in 2012 by February (Curtis from Tennessee)
57. Armed rebellion of the people against their own government. States will secede. (west of the Rockies unnamed caller)
58. The economy gets worse and Alvin Topler will be appointed president of the world bank. He'll rectify it and save the banks. (unnamed caller)
59. Obama's national healthcare plan will go through just when they will socialize employment; it will go downhill and become a socialist police state; socialist housing, food rationing, etc. by 2015 (from Oregon)
60. Disney is going to attempt to acquire Christmas because their revenues are going down and they want profit for next Christmas (Billy from Toronto)
61. Obama will be the big disappointment, the people will realize it
62. A natural disaster pushes US into Marshall Law (Todd from Sacramento)
63. Green gadget year; surge in entrepreneurship in the US pooling their intelligence and resources making small businesses serve their communities to move the economy; solar products
64. Rising death toll in everything in general; something big coming our way (Rebecca in Salem)
65. Amero is the new currency with North American union by the end of the year (Ray from Illinois)
66. N.E. Ohio will have a huge earthquake before October; Youngstown, Warren, that area
67. New World Order is announced in the middle of the year, embraced by Christmas
68. Genetic mis-engineering causes outbreak of food poisoning (Jan from Brooklyn)
69. There will be a scandal with Barack Obama in 2009 (Donald from TN)
70. We're gonna hear an announcement from the Exec. Branch of the White House and the trains are going to turn everything around; it will cost a trillion dollars (Tom in Ashland, OR) - this is true, somewhat, not in the trillions as of yet
71. Major seismic event in Yellowstone in 2009.
72. A new member to Art Bell's family either for Dolly the cat or for Asia (Michelle from WA)
73. Predict unity in the US through the US citizens; enforce federal law to remove the illegal immigrants through buses and pickup trucks; American teenagers picking crops like in the 30s & 40s
74. There will be some kind of major news about the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case, something to bring the case to the forefront again (Dan in Tampa, FL)
75. Mechanical, hands-on type toys will surge back as a concept for a more real and not simulated interaction; erecter sets and things manipulated with your hands
76. President Obama will be tested in the first half or three quarters of 2009 and will rally the people to put a stop to the downslide we're in
77. The Obama administration and, sponsored by Joe Biden, will expand the assault weapon ban (Daniel from Queens)
78. This will be the year that the Manning boys will meet in the Superbowl (James from Winnipeg)
79. Wonderful things are happening because the society is changing; consciousness is being raised; we are not being ruled by fear; there will be a shift in consciousness, not manifesting what we fear but what we have faith in (living in a state of love or bliss). things are more transparent; treachery and lies are coming to an end.
80. The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem will be destroyed; Iran or another Arab nation will destroy it; the Temple will be rebuilt (from Orlando, FL)
81. Individual citizens will be growing its own food more; instead of getting the food from supermarkets and from fast food chains (Riverside, CA caller) - this is happening
82. Americans will help economy and housing values will begin improving in 2009 (Blair in Sedona)
83. Ark of the Covenant will be brought out from ancient Israel by caravan and contains a consciousness (Alexandra from Toronto)
84. Her husband predicts that the people disgruntled about President Obama for whatever reason is that one of the Watergate-esque setups will happen but they'll get caught and someone young, a Deep Throat person, will catch them; the American press will be reinvigorated to report the news (Deb Deb from El Sobrante, CA)
85. Black Panthers will try to come back to power in 2009 (Renegade from the Bohemian Mtns. in Oregon)
86. California doesn't sink into the ocean (John from San Diego) - Ding!
87. Mainstream media will admit that peak oil is a reality
88. It's going to be unusually wet and green in the desert; houses falling off of hills
89. Massive earthquake and volcanic event in Yellowstone between April and August
90. We're going to look at our junk DNA and find intelligence; science and religion will discover something in junk DNA (Karen in Houston)
91. This will be the year for alcohol as a fuel; we can cook our way out of dependence of foreign oil and convert our waste into alcohol (Randy in Aberdeen, WA)
92. Poseidon adventure; a rogue wave will hit one of these cruise ships
93. People will get together and create self-sustaining societies/communities who don't need to go outside only for taxes (Missy from CO)
94. There will be a new energy source in the coming year using high energy and static electricity (David from Georgia)
95. There will be more revelations on how we've come to the way we are; return to the golden rule, brotherly love and the morally upright way to be; more of a consciousness of taking care of one another (from Kansas City)
96. Heath Ledger will win best supporting actor Oscar (Don from Columbia Canada)
97. The year that we capture Osama bin Laden in early 2009
98. People in early teens and early 20s will start a movement to join a secret society, but won't draw attention of adults and then will soon find out and become concerned about it (catherine from Richmond, CA)
99. We're going to see mounting evidence that microbial life exists on Mars -this appears to be a ding!
100. Seeds and garden products will skyrocket as more people realize that they need to grow their own food, see #81
101. The precursor or the act itself of some disaster will bring us to the fascism we're headed to. The end of the Mayan calendar will lift the yoke of slavery that 450 years brought on S. America. Corporations and government will bring us closer to fascism.
102. Towards end of 2009 Art Bell will return to regular radio (caller from NY)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sadly remembering Brittany Murphy

I remember Brittany Murphy best in the movie Girl, Interrupted in which she played a girl institutionalized and shown to have rehabilitated. She had a pet cat with her and she was the object of much torment by a character played by Angelina Jolie. Murphy played this role excellently and touched my heart. She has won awards for her roles, most notably for her character of Luanne on "King of the Hill". Try to catch an airing of an episode and remember her genuine, heartfelt voice as Luane; the warmth that brings out so many great moments in this character.