Monday, July 31, 2006

Great comment from the real Christina Ricci?

Is this comment below the article really by the real Christina Ricci? Well, if Lizzy (right) can get her head out of the bleach solution every now and then, she'd know from Ricci's excellent fight scenes in Cursed that she is, indeed, a healthy, athletic person.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Welcome message & Life On Mars on BBC America

Welcome to Wednesday's Korner - The Blog

In the coming days this blog will have a full list of links transferred and updated from the website mentioned in this blog's description. It's an overwhelming amount of work. The site will continue to exist, but updates to the Morpheus site will cease, however this is where you will find link and information updates going forward.

While it is stated that the author of Wednesday's Korner appreciates the dark side of humor made popular by Charles Addams and the portrayal of Wednesday Addams by Christina Ricci, the blog is not intended in any way to infringe on copyrighted material from the books or movies associated with the Addams Family. The blog is here to honor things that are strange, peculiar and particularly morbid in the world of literature, music, television, film, art, etc. For the most part, the blog is to promote and not tear apart. Reviews, however, are intended to be a critical essay, though not intended to spoil the reader without warning.

What's happening in Roger L. Jackson's career will continue to be covered as it was covered on the website. If there is a day where he has his own official website, it will be announced here. In the meantime, enjoy the links provided about his career on this blog. Instructions on how to contact Roger via Wednesday's Korner shall continue to be provided through the website.

Now on to what the Korner is watching, though it will sadly be a brief 11 episodes... If anyone has missed the new wonderful sci-fi crime drama series, "Life On Mars," it will air again on Jul 30 at 6:00pm pst and 9pm pst. Check local cable/satellite TV listings for your BBC America channel information.

The show "Life on Mars" stars John Simm, an actor some may have seen in 24 Hour Party People, portraying Joy Division's Bernard Sumner. Simm's partner in life (as noted in IMDB) just so happens to be Kate Magowan who is portraying Una in the movie version of Neil Gaiman's Stardust.

Speaking of Stardust, it would be wise of Paramount to hire Charles Vess, the principal artist behind the beautiful images in the book version, to do the movie poster.