Saturday, March 24, 2007

We finally can watch the trailer for Penelope and I love the rest of the cast joining Christina Ricci for this fun tale. James McAvoy is going to charm us again like he did as the doctor in The Last King of Scotland.

Also, there's a great article today in the San Francisco Chronicle on a taxidermist and a collector of Victorian taxidermy.

If ghost hunting is your thing, check out Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance tour of a gothic prison.

Lastly, I updated the guide for finding all titles that star Roger L. Jackson, the voice actor, though this is not a complete list of all the work he's done in the most recent years. He's been a regular actor for all of the Mucinex commercials you may have seen. I think the stuff works, too. Of course, Zicam, if you follow its directions, works so that you don't have to get sick enough that you need Mucinex.

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