Monday, October 06, 2008

Pilot for Cartoon Network

Roger Jackson phoned and informs me that he was recently in the studio working on a pilot called "The Regular Show" for the Cartoon Network. "Guess who was in the studio with me!" says Roger. "Oh, I don't know," I answer. "Mark Hamill." Roger says he's a great guy and really fun to work with. Roger plays the Evil Voice and the Groundskeeper, while Hamill plays the Yeti. This is a show currently in production so there's no word on when it will ever air, but the blog will provide updates if there's any news.

We recalled a show we loved, that also had a Yeti, with superheroes comprised of marionettes. It was a scrappy version of Thunderbirds Are Go. Unfortunately, canceled by MTV before it even had a chance. It was called "Super Adventure Team," created by Robert Cohen and Dana Gould was the executive producer. The only identifiable real name actor is Daran Norris, but all the other actors had to fake their names in the credits. So it's been ten years since the show was on MTV and we both have a bootlegged DVD of all the episodes. Of course, Roger pulls a quote from it right out of thin air.

If anyone ever wondered what it is like to talk to Roger, the Ghost Voice from the Scream movies, on the telephone, well, I'll tell you. If you don't have caller ID, it's even more of a treat as he impersonates all sorts of people when you answer. This time, I saw it was him calling, so when I answer I just say, "Hi!" He was doing his Arnold Schwarzenegger voice which is Dana Carvey's impersonation skills multiplied times 100. He called just before The Sarah Conner Chronicles show (we both admit that we watch to see how great Summer Glau is on screen, though feel she deserves a better show). He tells me the news about his recent work, then goes back to the Arnold voice while the show is on, so I say, "This is just so much better than MST3K, but you should do Arnold a la Beavis and Butthead." The next five minutes is exactly that, Arnold's voice coming out of Roger's mouth with the stoner humor of Beavis and Butthead. "Oh, geez, that's a big haüs, heh-heh. They needz to vater their graz. Vhere'z the Terminator?! I vant to see the Terminator! Oh, yah, there she izz!" But it was funnier because his mind is so quick, I was laughing too hard to keep track of it all.

We're both fans of "Weeds," too. The announcer on the Mucinex commercial (where Roger is the voice actor playing the green guy) just so happens to be Andy Milder who plays Dean Hodes, Celia's husband. "Andy Milder and Elizabeth Perkins," says Roger, "have got great chemistry on screen."

Other shows we both watch are "Dexter," "True Blood," "Entourage," and "Lost."

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