Friday, May 08, 2009

opening this weekend Isabel Samaras: Into The Woodz in San Francisco

One of Wednesday's top 5 favorite artists in the world is has a show opening at the Shooting Gallery this weekend. Saturday, 5/9, from 7pm-11pm stop by 839 Larkin St. in San Francisco to meet the artist, Isabel Samaras. Plus you can buy some art, her book called On Tender Hooks, postcards, limited edition items which includes her art on a limited edition plate and get into her twisted take on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

UPDATE: preview the show where you can see incredible detail of the paintings unframed. The paintings are beautifully framed and at least two are framed in wood frames that have bear bites in the wood. The opening on Saturday was very well-attended with so many fans and newcomers squeezing into the modest space to take in Isabel's extraordinary artwork. I bought her book, On Tender Hooks and the postcard book. Both items contain the painting that I acquired in 2003 called "Wednesday the Destroyer." That particular painting is done with the idea that the heads of the dolls Wednesday owns are hung around her neck much like Kali's garland of fifty human heads.

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