Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"Scream: The Inside Story" post-airing comments

Wednesday's Korner watched tonight's airing of "Scream: The Inside Story" and gives it very high marks. The back story of Kevin Williamson writing the script over the course of three days in the desert after watching a documentary about the Gainesville Ripper was truly a fascinating story. Williamson being alone while house sitting and being behind on his bills fueled his mind for a fantastic horror story. The producers, 1428 Films, also did well with getting the Scream production team to explain their choices behind the mask and the costume; key details we fans love to uncover.

(read this interview with Lito Velasco, Associate Producer of "Scream: The Inside Story")

Segments throughout "The Inside Story" feature voice actor Roger Jackson. "It's my job to try to scare the hell out of them," states Roger. Following his viewing, he humbly revealed to Wednesday's Korner that he "felt very chuffed" upon hearing what actor/producer/director Eli Roth had to say about his voice work in Scream. Roger Jackson, a longtime fan of Wes Craven's work, is looking forward to seeing Scream 4 at the premiere next week in Hollywood.

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Thanks for the praise on our show! It means a lot to us crew members and we're flattered, honored, and humbled! - Lito Velasco, Associate Producer and Music Supervisor