Saturday, July 16, 2016

68th Emmy Awards - Nominees - Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance

The Korner is providing reflections on the 68th Emmy Award nominees. Feel free to comment at the end of this post about your favorites or who doesn't deserve the nomination.

Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance:

Chris Pine as Capt. Kirk in the Star Trek movies bores me to death. He has two ways to react: normal voice and excited because he's in danger voice. I'm actually quite surprised he is credited as playing these two characters in this Crackle web series, created by Robot Chicken's Matthew Senreich and Zeb Wells. Props to the show for landing some excellent special guest voices who may also deserve the nomination. The late Anton Yelchin plays Dudley, Black Saturn's little brother in the episode "Unfortunate Son".
  • Keegan-Michael Key as American Ranger, Sgt. Agony in "SuperMansion" - "Puss in Books" (Crackle)
The multi-talented Keegan-Michael Key gets this well-deserved nomination for playing two key characters in this episode.

Key's previous voice character work in other animated shows, including BoJack Horseman and Archerneeds to be taken into consideration when voting for this category. He has been previously nominated for several other Emmy Awards for Key and Peele.

The competition that Key faces is Seth MacFarlane for "Family Guy". MacFarlane previously won in 2002 for voice-over performance, and later was nominated in 2009, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Trey Parker and Matt Stone each have not been previously nominated for voice for "South Park", but have won previously for Outstanding Animated Program.

I hope Keegan wins this time and we continue to see more episodes of "SuperMansion" on Crackle.

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